Annual Battery Production Capacity (MWh)

About Us
Our company is a Japan branch of the CENAT group of the People's Republic of China. The CENAT group manufactures Lithium-ion rechargeable Batteries developed with the introduction of Japanese technology and sells them mainly for automobile use in China. The annual production capacity is planned to increase to 1.2 GWh in 2018 and 6 GWh or more in 2020. In Japan branch office we will respond not only to automotive applications but also from small lot for customers who want to incorporate Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries into products. We have confidence in industry information as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us about what you want to know.



ENAX, Inc. established in 1996 by Mr. Kazunori Ozawa, who was engaged in technology management of lithium-ion rechargeable battery development at Sony Corporation, is a pioneer of lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology featuring large laminate cells. Our group manufactures high-performance, highly safe lithium-ion rechargeable batteries developed with that technology. In Japan branch offices, we have established a system that enables domestic trusted partners to conduct acceptance inspection after cell import, development of battery application products, shipment inspection, and to be reassured with reliability.



Our group in China is looking for a wide range of experienced human resources of research and development / production engineers related to lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for business expansion. We will support the procedure of completing social insurance in Japan and assigning it to Japan after adopting at a Japan branch and transferring to China. Chinese workplaces also have interpreters, Chinese skills are not mandatory. We are also subscribing to insurance against accidents and diseases during the assignment, and we are setting up an environment where we can start living with peace of mind. If you do not have overseas assignment experience and you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.




It will correspond to a Japanese partner who can trust the development of a module incorporating lithium ion rechargeable battery in series and parallel, development of pack incorporating BMS etc, product development incorporating inverter and charger. It is possible to respond flexibly to each request, such as portable power supply, manufacturer (AGV), various industrial robots, manufacturers considering development of small mobility, trading company and so on.


To customers who have already developed and marketed lithium-ion rechargeable battery related products, we have sought to sell lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with high performance, high safety and low cost through mass production, developed for automotive applications I will. The import check and shipping inspection after cell import are done by a trustworthy partner in Japan, and we have prepared a system that allows you to adopt peace of mind.



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